Teacher Training

I work with tailor-made teacher training courses, workshops and ELT consultancy which meet the specific demands of your context.

I offer a range of courses and workshops, both online and F2F, focusing on the following topics:

Teaching Listening Skills:
Top-down, Bottom-up, subskills and Phonology for Listening. (2 hours)

Teaching Speaking Skills:
A framework for a Speaking Skills lesson, Repair Strategies and Subskills. (2 hours)

Teaching Reading Skills:
Skimming, Scanning, other subskills and Register (2 hours)

Teaching Writing Skills:
A framework for a Writing lesson, Product and Process, Genres and Writing for Exams (2 hours)

Classroom Management:
Principles, Practical Techniques, Strategies, Advice and Problem Solutions. (2 hours)

Definition, Class Rules, Teacher Talking Time, Practical Tips and Problem Solutions. (2 hours)

Feedback on Speaking and Writing, Importance in the EFL classroom, Reacting to student feedback (2 hours)

Error Correction:
Types of mistakes, Techniques, Managing Mistakes, Hands-on (2 hours)

Presenting Language:
Different ways to present Grammar and Vocabulary, CCQs, Meaning, Pronunciation and Form (2 hours)

Lesson Planning:
The framework for a lesson, approaches and methodologies, stages and aims (2 hours)

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