Cambridge English C1 Advanced Prep Course

Course Information
Schedule, Timetable and Content:

1 weekly online session of 120 minutes – via Zoom
1st Semester: January 31st to June 19th, 2020
2nd Semester: July 24th to December 11th, 2020
Fridays, 10.00 am – 12.00 pm (Brasília time)

This is a 72-hour course aiming at helping English teachers prepare for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced Exam. Participants will be exposed to content which is a combination of effective exam-taking techniques and Language Development via expansion of key vocabulary and advanced grammatical structures which are required to take the exam.

Participants will also undergo real-life exam mock tests, which, allied to the feedback of an experienced tutor and Cambridge English Speaking Examiner, will help them develop their Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening Skills, as well as Grammar and Vocabulary.

This course is for you if…

  • you have studied English for approximately 700-800 hours and have an Advanced (C1) level of the language (find out here);
  • … you are an English Teacher and would like to develop your level of English;
  • … you would like to develop professionally by acquiring internationally-recognized certification of your level of English to have better professional opportunities;
  • … you would like to be coached by a certified Cambridge English Speaking Examiner;
  • you plan on sitting the exam in December/2020.

Course tutor: Rodrigo Sigoli (Profile)

Course Syllabus: 1st Semester

Week 1: Needs Analysis and Course Introduction + Speaking (Part 1)
Week 2: Listening (Part 4) + R&UoE (Part 1)
Week 3:
Grammar Focus: Range
Week 4: Writing (Part 1): Essays
Week 5: Listening (Part 2) + Speaking (Part 2)
Week 6: Vocabulary Focus: Idioms and Collocations
Week 7: R&UoE (Part 5) + Speaking (Part 3)
Week 8:
R&UoE (Parts 6 and 7)
Week 9:
R&UoE (Parts 2 and 8)
Week 10: Listening (Part 3) + Writing (Part 2): Letters/E-mails
Week 11: Speaking (Part 4) + Writing (Part 2): Reports/Proposals
Week 12: Writing (Part 2): Reviews
Week 13: R&UoE (Parts 3 and 5)
Week 14: Listening (Part 1) + R&UoE (Part 4)
Week 15: Grammar Focus: Inversions and Emphasis
Week 16: Vocabulary Focus: Expressing Opinions
Week 17: Listening/Speaking Mock Test + Feedback

Course Investment:

  • For enrollments up to the first week of the course: 12 installments of R$ 380,00 (via Boleto Bancário – First upon registration; remaining payments are due every 20th of the month until December 20th, 2020).
  • For enrollments after the course has started: 11 installments of R$ 415,00 (via Boleto Bancário – First upon registration; remaining payments are due every 20th of the month until December 20th, 2020).
  • For full payment: 1 installment of R$ 4423,00 (3% discount – via Credit Card or Boleto Bancário – Upon registration).
  • Credit Card: R$ 4560,00 divided in up to 12 installments (via PagSeguro – Fees apply)

Course Materials:

Technical Requirements:
Every course participant must have: 

  • A desktop or laptop computer connected to a high-speed internet connection, equipped with a camera and microphone;
  • 3G and 4G connections, as well as the use of phones and tablets are not recommended.

Additional Information:

  • Groups will be formed by a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 8;
  • Sessions will be live and not recorded – participants will have access to content and materials via Google Classroom;
  • For further info on the course, get in touch via WhatsApp at (19) 99279-3977 or send an email to

Registration: In order to register, visit: